Instructions for online sudoku, crosswords and trivia quiz

New online interactive puzzles are fun and easy to play. Just follow these simple instructions or click on the “info” or “about” links in the puzzles themselves for more helpful hints.

You’ll find a link to the Puzzles page in the top left of our website (top right if you’re reading on mobile) or under the Life & Style section.

The three interactive puzzles – Crossword, Sudoku and Ultimate Trivia – are updated daily and can be played on any digital device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

SUDOKUYou don’t need to be a maths whiz to tackle sudoku. It’s all about logical thinking, not arithmetic.

To solve the puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in:Each of the nine vertical columnsEach of the nine horizontal rowsEach of the nine 3 x 3 blocksThat is, no number can occur more than once in any row, column or 3×3 block.

To start, click a square and type in the number you think belongs there.

You can choose to write in “pen” or “pencil”. If you select “pencil” you can include several numbers in the square, to consider while you are making your final choice. When you’ve made your decision, toggle to the “pen” option and select the number you want.

Remove a number at any time by clicking on the square and selecting the number again.

Need some help? Click on a square and then on the Hint button. You can choose to check whether your answer is correct or ask for the correct number to be placed in the square for you (beware, you can only do this 5 times per puzzle!).

When you’ve successfully completed the grid, you’ll be closed out and receive your time.

Dare to tackle something tougher? Go on. There are four levels of difficulty available.

TRIVIA QUIZHow’s your general knowledge? Or are you better at spelling or entertainment questions.

This trivia quiz comes with seven categories. Choose one from General Knowledge, Dictionary, Entertainment, History, Food + Drink, Geography, Science + Nature.

Then, answer 10 multiple-choice quiz questions as quickly and as accurately as possible and discover how you rank against others when your score is revealed.

Questions are updated daily.

CROSSWORDThis classic crossword is considered of moderate difficulty.

Click on a line in the Across or Down list, or on the grid, to highlight the clue. Type in your answer, as you type the cursor will move from square to square.

Want to make a change? Click in the square and type the new letter. (Tip: If the word is correct, you won’t be able to change it.)

Need some help? Click on the “Hint” button and choose to check a letter or a whole word.

Once you’ve completed the puzzle successfully you’ll automatically be closed out of the game and given a time score.

Well done! Try to better your time on a new grid!

A new crossword becomes available every day and there’s a week’s worth to tackle at any one time.

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