Zackari Watt sings a song a day

In Tune: Zackari Watt has made a lifetime commitment to record a song each day. “It’s become a part of my everyday routine”. Zackari Watt sings and records a song every day. He’s been doing so for more than 620 days now.

And, what’s even more extraordinary, he plans to keep doing so for the rest of his life.

“I know for a fact that I’ll never stop doing it. I’m not going to give it up,” said Zackari, 44, of Maryville.

“I can just feel it that I’m not gonna stop. There’s no need to. It’s become a part of my everyday routine and it doesn’t affect me in any negative way.”

Zackari sees it as a challenge. It’s also a project, a routine, a commitment.

“Sometimes I think of it as a project, but a lifetime project,” he said.

“It’s going great.”

His initial motivation for his song-a-day routine has proven to be valuable.

“Basically, it was about keeping myself in touch with music,” he said.

Doing so, he said, was “very important to me as an artist”.

“It’s one of those things that can get put in the background when you’re busy with other stuff,” he said.

“In that sense, the project has done a perfect job. Every single day at one point I have to stop, learn a song and record it.

“It’s all those things like learning new chords and playing a guitar for a little bit every single day. It’s like doing an hour’s definite practice every single day.”

He has posted some of the songs on his YouTube and Facebook channels.

Singing a song daily, he said, was sometimes a simple reminder that “I’m a singer and a musician”.

“That is definitely a big part of it,” he said.

Sometimes he thinks, “Wow, I’ve listened to this song a hundred times in my life, but I’ve never noticed it’s got those lyrics”.

“Or, I’ve never noticed this beautiful chord change or this instrumentation.When you’re moving to a song with the intention of reproducing it, obviously you’re listening to it much deeper –like details and the musical nuances.”

His song-a-day practice also helps hisprofessional work as acomposer.

“Listening to songs with that level of attention has just showed me how other songwriters use chord changes and musical textures. That has been quite positive.”

His song-a-day project has changed his life for the better.

“I reckon it definitely has. For one, it’s locked in this sense of commitment, which is something that helps me as a person.You know you can commit to things. It helps. It makes you more confident to take things on and whatnot.”

The songs he selects sometimes reflecthis moods and the culture he absorbs. Recently he watched the Bohemian Rhapsody movie and sang Queen songs for a week or so.

Topics listened to his version of the Queen song, I Want To Break Free.

Topics: “It’s been stuck in our head all day”.

Zackari (laughing): “Yeah,I think that song really resonates with a lot of people”.

His favourite songs of the project to date include Minnie Riperton’s Loving You.

“My friend and I went to the park at the cathedral, frolicked around and made this absurd film clip,” he said.

He also did an “a cappella version” of the Guns N’ Roses song Sweet Child O’ Mine with his mate Duke, which attracted about 12,000 views. He also enjoyedan operatic song, performed with hisfriend Georgie Rose, called Time to Say Goodbye.

A music video for the song was shot with a drone above the Bogey Hole and cliff.

“It has some epic Newcastle scenery.”

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